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Articles and Essays

Articles and Essays

Driven or Led? Notice the difference between being "driven" and being "led" (chart).

Rick Warren Promotes Another Contemplative Book
In the January 18, 2006 issue of Rick Warren's weekly e-newsletter, in the Ministry Library Section, Warren recommends a book called Serious Times by James Emery White. The book is filled with contemplative references including numerous mentions of Thomas Merton, Richard Foster, the desert fathers and so on. The author encourages the use of lectio divina (see our feature article) and the silence to enhance our spiritual lives.

Rick Warren Promotes Contemplative Prayer

Bible Presbyterian Church Resolution 69:13
Whose Purpose?: Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven" Paradigm for the Church. The 69th General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church, meeting from August 4-9, 2005, at Olympia, Washington, urges our congregations and all believers of whatever denomination to fiercely repudiate and expose the egregious error espoused by Rick Warren and other proponents of the so-called “purpose-driven” paradigm of Church growth. We call upon Mr. Warren to repent of his heretical teachings. We are resolved to stand firm against this perversion of Biblical Christianity, and guard against its insidious intrusion into the lives of our churches.

The Gospel According to Rick Warren

Warren to buy Saints, build Purpose-Driven Field
Lark News.com

The Gospel According to Warren
July 2005 - Volume 11, Issue 7

Rick Warren: Ladies Home Journal: Love Yourself!
In Rick Warren's article of the March 2005 Ladies home Journal I have never seen such anti-Christian and unbiblical advice coming from a pastor--let alone a "pastor" to pastors which Rick Warren is. Here is a sampling of this very unbiblical and harmful advice that is given to unbelievers: "Learn To Love Yourself! Self-esteem still wobbly after all these years? These five simple truths will show you that you don't need to be perfect to be priceless....Accept yourself...God accepts us unconditionally (Remember he's talking to unbelievers)...Love yourself...Be true to yourself...Forgive yourself. God doesn't expect perfection, but he does insist on honesty...Believe in yourself...You can believe what others say about you, or you can believe in yourself as does God, who says you are truly acceptable, lovable, valuable and capable," Ladies Home Journal March 2005, page 36.


So What's Next

Ok, then, I'm a Fundamentalist ~ The Enemy of the 21st Century and the New Church Order By Scott MacIntyre

Well, This Doesn't Help by Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Rick Warren Predicts Christian Fundamentalism To Be Enemy of 21st Century!

The Reinvention of Rick Warren (Monday, January 09, 2006)

Rick Warren: Churches Can't Succeed without Government

Rick Warren’s Comments on Good Morning America go under the Radar
"I was surprised to see that no one to my knowledge blogged, or was even aware of, what Rick Warren said on Good Morning America on September 7th concerning God and Katrina. This may be understandable being that there was only one source that I was aware of to find his comments, not to mention that one had to purchase the transcript to read it. Indeed, there were blogs in the past week that commented on some fluffy comments he made on Katrina from his website and sermons, but no commentary on the September 7th Good Morning America appearance."

Seeker Sensitive, Purpose Driven Churches - According to the recent Business Week set of essays explaining the business models of the mega-churches in the seeker/church growth movement, the church in America is not growing overall. In fact the overall growth of evangelicalism in the US is flat. So what is all the talk about God doing a magnificent work or revival in America, especially as boasted by many of the Rick Warren clones? The reason is similar to when a Home Depot or Wal-Mart moves into a small town. All your needs can be met in one place so the mom and pop shops close up. The same kind of market driven philosophy is taking place in the church.

The Person of Christ Driven Life: A Purpose for a Person

Biblically Speaking Essays on the Church Growth Movement - Further essays that critique the teachings of the Purpose Driven/Seeker Sensitive movements

Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?

Earthly Empires - How evangelical churches are borrowing from the business playbook

Purpose Driven® Madness

Rick Warren: Three Primary Concerns

Saddleback Attempts a Balancing Act Between Predestination and Free Will, and ends up embracing "Evangelical Deism" and the Ancient Heresy of "Dualism."

Book PREview - Redefining Christianity Redefining Christianity is a book that has much to say on the topics of Rick Warren, the Purpose Driven® Life and other aspects of the Purpose Driven paradigm.

Faulty Premises of the Church Growth Movement Issue 89 - July/August 2005 by Bob DeWaay

The Purpose Driven Life – Guidance or Misguided? Reasons Not to Join the 'Purpose Driven' Life' Movement by Marshall C. St. John

The Purpose Driven Life: An Assessment

Rick Warren: the quintessential evangelical...

Dealing with Resisters

Highly Questionable Methods by Robert Reymond

The Gospel According to Warren by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-Teacher Southern View Chapel - Springfield, IL No one has exemplified the market-driven approach better than Rick Warren, pastor of the huge Saddleback Church in southern California and author of The Purpose-Driven Church and The Purpose-Driven Life. While Warren is open and up-front about his philosophy, strategy and methods, nevertheless things are not always as they appear. For example, “purpose-driven” sounds better than “market-driven” but it is basically the same thing. In his book The Purpose-Driven Life, his opening statement is, “It is not about you,” then turns around and writes a whole book about “you.” He belittles pop-psychology then repeatedly promotes it by simply calling it something else. He publicly cuts ties with Robert Schuller, then regurgitates some of the most odious things that Schuller has been teaching for thirty years. He claims commitment to the Scriptures then undermines them at almost every turn. He will tell his followers that he is not tampering with the message but only reengineering the methods, when in fact he has so altered the message as to make it all but unrecognizable.

The Gospel: A Method or a Message? How The Purpose Driven® Life' Obscures the Gospel by Bob DeWaay - " Warren’s man-centered theology comes with more evangelical ideas than does Schuller’s. Warren includes many more Biblical truths than Schuller ever did. In my opinion this makes Warren more deceptive than Schuller. Schuller ignored the Bible and depended on psychological concepts. Warren uses perverted Bible translations that change God-centered passages to man-centered passages. By carefully selecting the right mistranslation for each of his teaching points he has made the man-centered theology touted by Schuller seem Biblical. "

An Examination of Rick Warren’s Teaching on “Exponential Growth” by Brian Jonson " The video on exponential growth, presented by Warren, is one of the most shocking teachings I have ever seen emerge from a Southern Baptist. Our denomination is considered conservative and thoroughly Bible-based. When a minister in the SBC presents philosophies or doctrines that are contrary to scripture, he must be rebuked. This is true of the pastor of the smallest congregation as well as the largest. The fact that Saddleback Church is the largest in our movement makes this action so much more urgent. "

The Adulation of Man in the The Purpose Driven® Life Part 1 By Richard Bennett

The Purpose Driven® Life: Demeaning the Very Nature of God Part 2 By Richard Bennett

15 Principal Errors of “The Purpose-Driven Life” by Stephen Weir Reasons For This Paper As manager of a conservative evangelical Christian literature service I am being asked with increasing frequency by concerned customers for information about Rick Warren’s best-seller of over 20 million copies, “The Purpose-Driven Life” (Zondervan, 2002). There are also believers personally known to me asking for similar information. Many good papers have already been written, to which this is intended to be a useful supplement. Because so many believers and churches are being affected, and because PDL contains so much harmful, dangerous false teaching, I have sought the Lord’s help to set out clearly and systematically, in a single paper, the basic objections and dangers I have found in this book.

The Purpose Driven® Life – Guidance or Misguided? Reasons Not to Join the Purpose Driven® Life Movement by Marshall C. St. John

The Purpose-Driven® Life: An Evaluation Part I & Part II by Southern View Chapel "Once we believe we have the right to change the meaning of God's Word to suit our agenda, there is no limit as to how far the misrepresentation of God's truth can go. This is exactly how virtually every cult and heresy is started."

The Purpose Driven Church (a critique) Michael J. Penfold

The Purpose Driven® Church and Life - Review of The Purpose Driven® Life referencing the NewsNight with Aaron Brown discussion of Rick Warren and Purpose Driven® related controversy. Site includes • A STATEMENT FROM GRACE TO YOU: John MacArthur on CNN's NewsNight with Aaron Brown, book reviews, reader comments and links to other websites.

The Purpose-Driven Church by Nathan Busenitz

The Purpose Driven Life - Readers' Reviews The Purpose Driven Life - Readers' Reviews

Purpose Driven Life - Book Review By Nathan Busenitz

A Purpose Driven Life – God’s Plan for you? by Stuart L Brogden

Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life: A Seriously Flawed View of God by Michael Stohlmeyer

Church Growth Gone Mad A sobering look at the church growth seeker-sensitive models by Clay Miller

Programs, Get Your Programs: Exposing the Flaws of a Fad-Driven Church by Phil Johnson Executive Director Grace To You

The Gospel According to Hybels & Warren (By Nathan Busenitz)

Analysis Of the Book Purpose Driven ® Life by Rick Warren By Merv Tucker

Purpose Driven Ecumenism? By Roger Oakland

Book Review - Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren - The Purpose Driven Life

40 Days of Community by Challies.com September 21, 2004 - Make sure you read the commentary at the end of the explanation

Blurring of Lines & Shame For The Gospel

Purpose, PEACE And New Spirituality

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren: Part 1 by James Sundquist False Teachings, False Teachers, and Contradictions in Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life Book and Program Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

A Purpose Plea to Pastors By Todd Friel

Purpose-Driven or Forgiveness-Given? by Todd Wilken

The Fad-Driven Church by Todd Wilken

Broadcast Transcript Issues, Etc. with Radio Host Todd WilkenDiscussion: The Purpose Driven Life Guests: Professor Larry Rast, Pastor Wil Weedon, and Pastor Tom Baker Date: October 29, 2003

40 Days of Community - Initial Thoughts Chris Rosebrough Extreme Theology.com

40 Days of Community - Critique Preface Chris Rosebrough Extreme Theology.com

40 Days of Community = 100% Law, 0% Gospel by Chris Rosebrough Extreme Theology.com

40 Days Absurdity by Chris Rosebrough Extreme Theology.com

Warren’s Interview on Beliefnet.com by Chris Rosebrough Extreme Theology.com

What's Extreme Theology The blog's author, Chris Rosebrough, has a degree in Religious Studies and Biblical Languages from Concordia University, Irvine and currently teaches at Capo Valley Church in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Rick Warren Connections - Especially to the Ecumenical Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and "Positive Thinking" Movement compiled by Sandy Simpson

Warren-Driven or Bible-Obedient? by Sandy Simpson, 11/2/05

Another 40 Days of Destruction and Division Here's another sad email from someone with a testimony similar to my own. The last line of the email sums it up: "Our church has been destroyed by the Purpose Driven Life program, and the pastor just doesn't care!".

A Berean's Discernment Tool for The Purpose Driven Life:


A Critique of Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan & UN Goals:

The Emerging Global 'Church'

Equipping Leaders to 'Lead like Jesus'?

Whom do we serve?

In 2005, Zondervan senior marketing editor Greg Stielstra published Pyromarketing, which in part described how The Purpose Driven Life was marketed. This led to a dispute with Rick Warren, who felt that it was inappropriate to associate the success of his book with marketing, rather than with spiritual explanations.

Pyromarketing and The Purpose Driven Life by Tim Challies

Purposeful Interference July 25, 2005

Purposeful Interference - An Update September 15, 2005

Pyromarketing God of Small Things


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